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Teak’s Gluten-Free Review

October 13, 2020 orlandogf 2 min read No Comments
Gluten Free OMG Chips

Teak’s Gluten-Free Review

October 13, 2020 Peter Jon 2 min read No Comments

I had my first trip to Teak Neighborhood Grill on a recommendation from a friend. I was not disappointed. Teak’s Gluten-Free menu was impressive, with many choices for someone who is on a Gluten-Free Diet. Overall I was really impressed and happy with our brunch.

I noticed on the menu that they had “GF” next to the Gluten-Free Options. No need to ask for a special menu or have the waitstaff guess if an item is Gluten-Free or not. This is extremely helpful as I don’t usually order items from a restaurant where the waitstaff needs to tell you what is really Gluten-Free.

We told our waitstaff that I have a Gluten-Allergy to be aware of and ensure that there was no cross-contamination with my food. The staff said they would let the kitchen know about my allergy but could not promise any cross-contamination. I do believe that they did their best to make sure there was no cross-contamination in the kitchen. I didn’t have an allergic reaction after eating my meal.

The waitstaff was excellent. We had the only issue that my food was not brought out separately from my family’s food, which had Gluten. This is a pretty big deal where Cileacs patients can have a bad reaction with any cross-contamination.

I had a couple of appetizers ( OMG Chips and Mild Buffalo Wings). They were fantastic. Even-though some Blue Cheese has gluten in it; I did not have a reaction when having the OMG Chips. The balsamic glaze was delicious. It has a nice tang to go with the extra creamy blue cheese. This was my favorite of the two appetizers.

The Buffalo wing was above average. Teak uses the “Jumbo” style wings. I had them fried because that was the Gluten-Free option. I had them with a medium sauce that wasn’t very spicy. The wings were good, but were not very crispy, which is what I love the most about fried wings. Even though they were good, I think I would try another option next time I go to Teak Neighborhood Grill.

The biggest area that Teak’s Gluten-Free choices lack were with beer and cider choices. The only items that I saw on the menu were Truly and White Claw. There may have been more options, but they were not obvious. Also, they had no Gluten-Free dessert options.

Overall my experience was very good overall. The food was delicious. The service itself was excellent (even though proper food handling by waitstaff was not great). I would recommend Teak Neighborhood Grill for Gluten-Free Dining, but not for people with Celiac disease.

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